Maria V. & Enzo B. - 14/05/2020

Speaker : Maria V. & Enzo B.

Title: AI-Driven CT-based quantification, staging and short-term outcome prediction of COVID-19....Read more

Hossein Bevrani - 05/03/2020

Speaker: Hossein Bevrani

Title: Efficient Parameter Estimation in Generalized Linear Models....Read more

Benjamin Arras - 29/01/2020

Speaker: Benjamin Arras

Title: Semi-groupes de Mehler généralisés à la stabilité des constantes de....Read more

Marie-Laure Charpignon-Choquet - 07/01/2020

Speaker: Marie-Laure Charpignon-Choquet

Title: A Causual Inference Framework for Antidiabetic....Read more

Maria Vakalopoulou  - 14/11/19

Speaker: Maria Vakalopoulou

Title: Deep learning on Medical Imaging. From image segmentation...Read more

Pascal Laurent - 03/10/19

Speaker: Pascal Laurent

Title: A few mathematical studies beyond a work of simulation of cell...Read more

Cyril Labbé - 26/09/19

Speaker: Cyril Labbé (University Dauphine, Paris)

Title: Markov chain mixing time and hydrodynamic...Read more


Wassila Ouerdane - 24/06/19

Speaker: Wassila Ouerdane (MICS Lab, Centrale Supélec)

Title: A dialogue game for recommendation with adaptive preference models..Read more

Alexandre Teplyaev - 13/06/19

Speaker: Alexandre Teplyaev (University of Connecticut)

Title: Spectral analysis and diffusion on singular spaces...Read more

Aya Dakdouki - 13/05/19

Speaker: Aya Dakdouki (Paul Painlevé Lab, University Lille, France)

Title: SVM hyperbolique and core engineering...Read more


Eric Gaussier - 30/04/19

Speaker: Eric Gaussier (Director of the LGI Computer Science Laboratory in Grenoble)

Title: Learning representations for clustering: some solutions to all-posed problem...Read more--

Myriam Tami - 18/03/19

Speaker: Myriam Tami (MICS Lab, Centrale Supelec)

Title: Uncertain trees: Dealing with Uncertain Inputs in Regression Trees...Read more--

Jeffrey Rauch - 08/03/19

Speaker: Jeffrey Rauch (U. Michigan)

Title: Strictly Dissipative Hyperbolic BVP with trihedral corners...Read more--

Stefano Zacchiroli - 07/02/19

Speaker: Stefano Zacchiroli (Lecturer, IRIF, U. Paris Diderot/INRIA/IRILL)

Title: Software Heritage: source code analysis at the scale of the world...Read more--

Ludovic Goudenège - 17/01/19

Speaker: Ludovic Goudenège (MICS Lab, Centrale Supelec)

Title: Introduction to equations with stochastic derivatives...Read more--

Régis Pierrard - 22/01/19

Speaker: Régis Pierrard

Title: Learning explanatory rules from noisy data...

Vincent Bansaye - 04/12/18

Speaker: Vincent Bansaye (Teacher,Ecole Polytechnique, PEIPS of CMAP team member)

Title: Stochastic functional responses and multi-scale models in dynamics population...Read more --

Marina Rynkoskaya - 22/11/18

Speaker: Marina Rynkovskaya (Department of Civil Engineering, People'sFriendship University of Russia-RUDN U.6 Miklukho-Maklaya St, Moscow, 117198, Russian Federation)

Title: Engineering introduction to the ..

Laurent Chevillard

Speaker: Laurent Chevillard

Title: A random painting of fluid turbulence...

Frédéric Lagoutière - 18/10/18

Speaker: Frédéric Lagoutière

Title: Modeling a mixture of barotropic compressible fluids by homogenization...Read more --

Mehdi Senouci - 13/09/18

Speaker: Mehdi Senouci (Lecturer in economic, LGI, Centrale Supelec)

Title: A characterisaion of N-input production functions...

Ramon Pino Pérez - 14/06/18

Speaker: Ramon Pino Pérez (Pr. at the department of Mathematics, U. of the Andes, Venezuela)

Title: Fusion of beliefs and impossibility..

Esa Ollila - 22/06/18

Speaker: Esa Ollila (Aalto U. and Oulu U. Finland)

Title: High-dimensional covariance matrix estimation with applications to miroarray studies and portfolio optimization...Read more --

Shabab Basiri - 01/06/18

Speaker: Shabab Basiri (Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, Aalto U. Finland)

Title: A new fast and robust bootstrap method for statiscal inference in ICA using...Read more --

Vincent Mousseau - 31/05/18

Speaker: Vincent Mousseau (Pr. at Centrale Supélec, LGI Lab)

Title: Learning monotone preferences using a non-compensatory sorting model...Read more --

Gustave Roussy - 24/05/18

Speaker: Gustave Roussy (Centrale Supelec)

Title: Applied Mathematics and Artifical Intelligence in Oncology...

Lina Ye - 12/04/18

Speaker: Lina Ye (Lecturer, LRI Lab, U. Paris-Sud 11 and CentraleSupelec, U. Paris-Saclay)

Title: Formal verification of hybrid Systems based on Timed Abstraction...Read more --

Vincent Mazet / Hassan Mortada - 06/04/18

Speaker: Vincent Mazet/Hassan Mortada (ICube, IMAGeS team,IPSEO group, U. of Strasbourg)

Title: Spectroscopic decomposition in multispectral imaging...

Vincent Mousseau - 22/03/18

Speaker: Vincent Mousseau (Pr. CenraleSupelec, LGI Lab)

Title: learning monotone preferences using a non-compesatory sorting model...Read more --

Simon Clinet - 05/03/18

Speaker: Simon Clinet (Keio University, Tokyo)

Title: Modeling Hawkes'order and process notebooks...

Frédéric Lagoutière - 08/02/18

Speaker: Frédéric Lagoutière (Pr of Mathematics at Claude Bernard University, Lyon)

Title: Aggregation equations with...

Habib Ammari - 01/02/18

Speaker: Habib Ammari (Department of Mathematics ETH, Zurich)

Title: Subwavelengh acoustic resonators: From super-resolution to metamaterials...

Habib Ammari - 01/02/18

Speaker: Habib Ammari (Department of Mathematics ETH, Zurich)

Title: Mathematics of super-resolution biomedical imaging...

Mingxing Yang - 11/01/18

Speaker: Mingxing Yang (U. of Brest)

Title: Preliminary results of substudy of SjS based on RNA-seq data from PRECISEADS...Read more --

Alexandre Renaux - 12/01/18

Speaker: Alexandre Renaux (L2S, U. Paris-Sud)

Title: Performance analysis in parametric estimation using the lower limits of the average quadratic...Read more --

Dietmar Berwanger - 11/01/18

Speaker: Dietmar Berwanger (CNRS, ENS Paris-Saclay)

Title: The public contents of private...

Than Nguyen - 08/12/18

Speaker: Than Nguyen (CRAN, L2S)

Title: Non-negative orthogonal greedy algorithms for sparse approximation...

Emilie Chouzenoux - 24/11/17

Speaker: Emilie Chouzenoux (CVN, CentraleSupelec/INRIA, U.Paris-Est, Marne-La-Vallée)

Title: A Random Block - Coordinate Douglas - Rach Splitting with low Computational Complexity...Read more --

Oana Iosifescu - 07/12/17

Speaker: Oana Iosifescu (Lecturer, Montpellier 2 U., Modeling and Mathematics Institute of Montpellier)

Title: Mathematical modeling and analysis of dynamics soil organic carbon...Read more --

Sarah Lemler - 17/11/17

Speaker: Sara Lemler (MICS Lab, Cenrtrale Supelec, Gif-sur-Yvette)

Title: Estimating the intensity of a large-scale counting process...Read more --

Emmanuelle Clément - 27/04/17

Speaker: Emmanuelle Clément (MICS Lab, Cenrtrale Supelec, Gif-sur-Yvette)

Title: Density in small time for Lévy driven SDE and applications to parametric estimation...Read more --

Clinton Groth - 03/04/17

Speaker: Clinton Groth

Title: Parallel High-Order Finite-Volume Method with Anisotropic Block-Based AMR for Multi-Scale Physically-Complex flows...Read more --

Marina Rynkovskaya - 23/03/17

Speaker: Marina Rynkovskaya

Title: Analytical surfaces in civil engineering. Geometry and stress-strain analysis of the hellicoidal structures...Read more --

Thibault Bourgeron - 23/02/17

Speaker: Thibault Bourgeron

Title: Adaptation of a sexed population to the new environment in the low variance regime...Read more --

Olivier Le Maître - 02/02/17

Speaker: olivier Le Maitre

Title: Polynomial Surrogates for Bayesian Inference...

Dominique Chapelle - 19/01/17

Speaker: Dominique Chapelle (Director of research in INRIA, Saclay)

Title: Biomechanical modeling of the heart:from multi-scale multi-physics formulations...Read more --

Robert Eymard - 01/12/16

Speaker: Robert Eymard

Title: The gradient approximation method:application to parabolic, linear, non-linear and degenerate problems...Read more --

Matthieu Cristelli - 24/11/16

Speaker: Mathieu Cristelli

Title: The development pathways of nations: the heterogeneous dynamics of economic complexity...Read more --

Emmanuel Trélat - 10/11/16

Speaker: Emmanuel Trélat

Title: Sparse control and stabilization of models of collective behaviour...Read more --

Huyên Pham - 20/10/16

Speaker: Huyên Pham

Title: McKean-Vlasov equation control and applications...

Vincent Rivoirard - 08/09/16

Speaker: Vincent Rovoirard

Title: Lasso for multivariate Hawkes processes...

Tony Lelièvre - 23/06/16

Speaker: Tony Lelièvre

Title: Numerical methods in molecular dynamics...

Fabienne Comte - 09/06/16

Speaker: Fabienne Comte

Title: Laplace deconvolution (and its application to Dynamic Contrast Enhanced imaging)...Read more --

Anna Rozanova-Pierrat - 26/05/16

Speaker: Anna Rozanova-Pierrat

Title: Optimizing the shape of a noise barrier...

Antione Chaillet - 12/05/16

Speaker: Antione Chaillet

Title: Stability and robustness analysis of spatiotemporal delayed dynamics with application to feedback attenuation of pathological brain...Read more --

Céline Grandmont - 14/04/16

Speaker: Céline Grandmont (INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, JLL Paris 6)

Title: Modeling of the pulmonary parenchyma: homogenization and numerical simulations...Read more --

Elham Kashefi - 31/03/16

Speaker: Elham Kashefi

Title: Verification of quantum computing...

Agathe Guilloux - 17/03/16

Speaker: Agathe Guilloux

Title: Longitudinal observational data...

Marcel Filoche - 18/02/16

Speaker: Marcel Filoche

Title: Landscapes and potentials for the location of waves in complex systems...Read more --

Denis Ullmo - 21/01/16

Speaker: Denis Ullmo

Title: Middle-field game theory: a non-linear Schroeder-type approach...

Pascal Omnès - 07/01/16

Speaker: Pascal Omnès

Title: Estimation of the diffusion rate of the Godunov scheme applied to the wave equation and analysis of the low Mach inaccuracy...Read more --

Frédéric Abergel - 03/12/15

Speaker: Frédéric Abergel (MICS Lab, Centrale Supelec)

Title: Mathematical modeling of order books...

Fabien Gandon - 26/11/15

Speaker: Fabien Gandon

Title: Bridging formal semantics and social semantics on the Web...Read more --

Ai-Hua Fan - 19/11/15

Speaker: Ai-Hua Fan

Title: Sarnak's oscillating aftermath and conjecture...

Jürgen Geiser - 12/11/15

Speaker: Jürgen Geiser

Title: Recent advanced in Iterative Splitting Methods for Multicomponent and Multiscale: Theory and Applications..Read more --

Youcef Mammeri - 22/10/15

Speaker: Youcef Mammeri

Title: Simulation of cultural dynamics for the fight against pathogen spread...Read more --

Kazuo Aoki - 08/10/15

Speaker: Kazuo Aoki

Title:Decay of a linear pendulum in a collisional gas: Spatially one-dimensional case..Read more --

Olivier Lafitte - 24/09/15

Speaker: Olivier Lafitte

Title: Dirichlet to Neumann boundary operator for the diffraction by a wedge...Read more --

Sarah Lemler - 10/09/15

Speaker: Sarah Lemler

Title: Estimating the intensity of a large-scale counting process..Read more --

Chiara Simeoni - 12/06/14

Speaker: Chiara Simeoni

Title: Remarks on the consistency of upwind sources at interface schemes on nonuniform grids..Read more --

Claire Lacour - 28/05/14

Speaker: Claire Lacour

Title: Adequacy test for spherical noisy data..

Olivier Martin - 15/05/14

Speaker: Olivier Martin

Title: Solution to an outstanding mathematical genetics problem: the surprising efficiency of...Read more --

Xavier Urbain - 30/04/14

Speaker: Xavier Urbain

Title: A framework for formal proof adapted to mobile robot networks...Read more --

Rob Hierons - 29/04/14

Speaker: Rob Hierons

Title:Asynchronous sofware Testing..

Vincent Calvez - 03/04/14

Speaker: Vincent Calvez (UMPA, ENS Lyon)


--

Yvon Maday - 20/03/14

Speaker: Yvon Maday (LJLL, UPMC)


--

Josselin Garnier - 13/02/14

Speaker: Josselin Garnier

Title: Listening to the noise...

Karell Bertet - 16/01/14

Speaker: Karell Bertet

Title: Structure of Lattices: panorama of structural and algorithmic aspects. Some uses in data search and representation of knowledge...Read more --

Arnaud Debussche - 06/12/13

Speaker: Arnaud Debussche

Title: Fluid limits for stochastic kinetic..

Stéphane Cordier - 22/11/13

Speaker: Stéphane Cordier

Title: Microscopic and kinetic models in economics..

Christophe Letellier - 21/11/13

Speaker: Christophe Letellier

Title: Reconstruction and modeling of chaotic attrators: the rule of observability..Read more --

Franck Ledoux - 15/11/13

Speaker: Franck Ledoux

Title: Generation and modification of quadrangular and hexahedric mesh..Read more --

Fabrizio Lillo - 07/11/13

Speaker: fabrizio Lillo

Title: How efficiency shapes market impact...

Sophie Laruelle - 18/10/13

Speaker: Sophie Laruelle

Title: Random urn models revisited using stochastic approximation...

Pierre Vandergheynst - 17/10/13

Speaker: Pierre Vandergheynst

Title: Graph data processing...

Marc Lavielle - 04/10/13

Speaker: Marc Lavielle

Title: Population pharmacology modelling: models,methods and applications...

Olivier Goubet - 03/10/13

Speaker: Olivier Goubet (Jules Verne U., Amiens)

Title: The Gel'fand problem for the biharmonic operator..

Christian Houdré - 26/09/13

Speaker: Christian Houdré

Title: Asymptotic behaviiors in Some Common and/or Growing Sub-Suite Problems...Read more --

Isabelle Bloch - 27/06/13

Speaker: Isabelle Bloch

Title: Mathematical mophology, complete lattices, and information processing...

Rui Dilao - 20/06/13

Speaker: Rui Dilao (Técnico, Lisboa)

Title: Modelling Drosophila early development: the patterning effect of diffusion of..Read more --

David Holcman - 13/06/13

Speaker: David Holcman

Title: Modeling DNA looping, asymptotic analysis and telomere organization in the nucleus..Read more --

Yimin Xiao - 30/05/13

Speaker: Yimin Xiao

Title: Strong Local Nondeterminism and Fine Properties of Gaussian Random Fields...Read more --

Claude Bardos - 18/04/13

Speaker: Claude Bardos

Title: Mathematics and Turbulence: Where do we go?..

Corrado Mascia - 04/04/13

Speaker: Corrado Mascia

Title: Hyperbolic variations of the Allen-cahn equation...

Irene Votsi - 21/03/13

Speaker: Irene Votsi

Title: Hidden Markov and Hidden Semi-Markov Modeling for Seismic Hazard Assessment...Read more --

Vitaly Volpert - 14/02/13

Speaker: Vitaly Volpert

Title: Hybrid models in cell population..

Sébastien Gerchinovitz - 31/01/13

Speaker: Sébastien Gerchinovitz

Title: Deterministic sequential prediction by aggregation of predictors..

Bertrand Maury - 17/01/13

Speaker: Bertrand Maury

Title: Modeling crowd movements...

Magda Peligrad - 28/06/12

Speaker: Magda Peligrad

Title: Functional CLT for Linear Processes with Long Memory...Read more --

Yves Achdou - 14/06/12

Speaker: Yves Achdou

Title: A fractal border domain class: function spaces and digital methods...Read more --

Christophe Cuny - 31/05/12

Speaker: Christophe Cuny

Title: TCL quenched for Markov's chains...

Marco Licalzi - 16/05/12

Speaker: Marco Licalzi

Title: On a preferential attachment and generalized Polya's urn model..Read more --

Michael Ndjinga - 03/05/12

Speaker: Michael Ndjinga

Title: incompressible limit of bifluid models - dynamics of vacuum rate waves..Read more --

Pascale Le Gall - 05/04/12 

Speaker: Pascale Le Gall

Title: A rules-based approach to topological-based geometric modeling..

Ludovic Goudenège - 29/03/12

Speaker: Ludovic Goudenège

Title: Stochastic EDP: existence of solutions, invariant measures and simulations..Read more --

Florence D'Alché-Buc - 15/03/12

Speaker: Florence d'Alché-Buc

Title: Regression methods based on powercores with operator values: application... Read more --

Dalibor Volny - 02/02/12

Speaker: Dalibor Volny

Title: Approximations of stationary processes by martingales..

Massimiliano Gubinelli - 26/01/12

Speaker: Massimiliano Gubinelli

Title: Regularization effects in ordinary differntial equations with additive noise..Read more --

Eckhard Platen - 12/01/12

Speaker: Eckhard Platen

Title: Numerical methods for SDEs with jumps in finance..Read more --

Anne Estrade - 08/12/11

Speaker: Anne Estrade

Title: Self-similar fields: spectral properties, fractal properties and microscopic description..Read more --

Florian Méhats - 04/12/11

Speaker: Florian Méhats

Title:Uniformly accurate digital methods for highly oscillating EDPs..

Mathieu Rosenbaum - 24/11/11

Speaker: Mathieu Rosenbaum

Title:Optimal discretization of stochastic integrals..

Bruno Bouchard - 10/11/11

Speaker: Bruno Bouchard

Title:Robust Risk criterion Assessment - Stochastic target approach..

Jean Paul Delayaye - 06/11/11

Speaker:Jean Paul Delayaye

Title:Measures of complexity of digital objects..

Michel Weber - 16/10/11

Speaker:Michel Weber

Title:Some recent findings in the theory of series of dilated functions..Read more --

Pauline Lafitte - 13/10/11

Speaker: Pauline Lafitte

Title:Digital simulations for a phase transition model..

Gilles Dowek - 02/10/11

Speaker: Gilles Dowek

Title:Cut-elimination and the decidability of reachability in alternating pushdown systems..Read more --

Paolo Ballarini - 22/09/11

Speaker: Paolo Ballarini

Title:Hybrid automata stochastic language..

Céline Hudelot - 18/09/11

Speaker: Céline Hudelot

Title:Some contributions to the semantic interpretation and annotation of image: contribution of..Read more --

Arnaud Munch - 08/09/11

Speaker: Arnaud Munch

Title: Simple remarks about the numerical approximation of controls for a semi-linear heat equation..Read more --

Michel Lapidus - 04/06/11

Speaker: Michel Lapidus

Title:Can one Hear the Shape of a Fractal Drum?..Read more --

Luca Bortolussi - 24/06/11

Speaker: Luca Bortolussi

Title: U-check: statiscal model checking under uncertainty..

Olexiy Kyrgyzov - 18/06/11

Speaker: Olexiy Kyrgyzov

Title:Tensor decomposition..

Cory Hauck - 21/05/11

Speaker: Cory Hauck

Title:Angular discretization methods for kinetic equations of radiation transport..Read more --

Olivier Pironneau - 07/05/11

Speaker: Olivier pironneau

Title:Searching for optimal shapes with Mathematics and Computer Science..Read more --

D. Chauveau - 26/03/11

Speaker: D. Chauveau

Title:Models of non-parametric and multivariate mixtures and estimation algorithms..Read more --

Jarek Rossignac - 12/03/11

Speaker: Jarek Rossignac

Title:Efficient evaluation of large Boolean expressions..


Florence Merlevede - 29/01/11

Speaker: Florence Merlevede (Marne La vallée U.)

Title:Empirical spectral distribution of large covariance matrixes..

Françoise Golse - 15/01/11

Speaker: Françoise Golse

Title: kinetic models in extended phase spaces..

Denis Grebenkov - 12/01/11

Speaker: Denis Grebenkov

Title: Laplacian Transport towards Irregular Interfaces: Forwad and Inverse problems..Read more --