Speaker: Marina Rynkovskaya (Assistant Professor, Departement of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) )

Title:  Analytical surfaces in civil engineering. Geometry and stress-strain analysis of the helicoidal structures


 The shell structures of the helicoidal shape are widely used in many fields of manufacturing, mechanical and civil engineering,

as well as in architecture. Among the variety of the helicoidal and the helical surfaces the most popular and handy are right,

oblique and developable helicoids (Krivoshapko and Rynkovskaya, 2017). The presented work concerns analytical metodology

for structure analysis of right and developable helicoidal structures. The methodology is based on the linear theory of the thin shells.

Despite the dominance of the finite element analysis, the analytical results are aimed to get deeper analysis. The analytical method

based on Reissner’s parametric equations (1955) (for the shallow right helicoids) and the asymptotic method of the small parameter

(for the long shallow developable helicoids) of the stress-strain analysis are presented. The results are compared with the results

obtained by the finite element method.