Speaker: Pr. Habib Ammari (Département de mathématiques de l’ETH, Zurich)
Title: Subwavelength acoustic resonators: From super-resolution to metamaterials

The aim of this talk is to reveiw recent results on wave propagation of acoustic waves in bubbly media. Our main focus is on developing a mathematical and computational framework for the analysis of Minnaert bubbles. By characterizing and exploiting the Minnaert resonance frequencies of bubbles in a variety of situations, we construct a unified theory of super-focusing of acoustic wave, double-negative acoustic metamaterials, and controlling acoustic wave propagation at the subwavelength scale. Super-resolution and metamaterials are usually studied within the context of different approaches. Remarkably, as shown in this course, they owe their origin to the same underlying physical mechanism, namely, wave interaction with a subwavelength resonator.

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