Speaker : Stefano Zacchiroli (Maître de Conférence, IRIF, Université Paris Diderot/INRIA/IRILL)
Title: Software Heritage: source code analysis at the scale of the world

The Software Heritage project has assembled the largest existing archive of publicly available software source code and associated development history, for more than 5 billion unique source code files and 1 billion unique commits, coming from more than 80 million development projects. In this talk we will review the project background, current status, and future directions with a focus on its research applications. In particular, we will discuss

(1) using the Software Heritage archive as a research object, allowing to study software evolution, patterns, and development dynamics at an unprecedented scale; and

(2) how Software Heritage is a fundamental building block for open science, and how it contributes to increasing accessibility and reproducibility of scientific source code. We will conclude the talk with a brief overview of the research challenges that need to be overcome to fulfill the Software Heritage mission.