Founded in the early 2000's, MICS (former MAS) is the research laboratory in Mathematics and Computer Science at CentraleSupélec. Research at MICS ic concerned with analysis and modelling of complex systems and data, whether they come from the industry, life or social sciences, financial markets, information technology or networks.


Research Axes


  •  Biomathematics Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Inference for Biological Systems and Data. Applications to precision medicine, neurosciences, molecular biology, genetics, plant science, agronomy, epidemiology


  • Formal methods in computer science and knowledge modelling Formal design of complex systems; ontologies, decisional and fuzzy logic for image interpretation; unified semantics for structured data.


  • Quantitative Finance : Financial market modelling; market microstructure; high frequency data; econophysics; derivatives.


  • Partial Differential Equations and Scientific Computing : Non-smooth fluid-structure interactions; dynamics of ecosystems; interface dynamics; massively parallel computing; GPU computing; asymptotic-preserving numerical schemes; nonlinear wave equations; shape optimization, irregular and fractal boundaries, inverses problems.


  • Probabilistic Modelling and Statistics of Stochastic Processes Local regularity of stochastic processes; set-indexed processes; statistical properties of graphs; stochastic differential equations and stochastic partial differential equations.


  • Artificial Intelligence : Deep learning; Representation learning; Information retrieval; Generative Adversarial Networks; Bayesian Learning; Explainability of algorithms


  • Decision modelling : Multicriteria decision making, preference learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, explaining decisions, multiobjective optimization

 Application Domains


Industrial systems (aerospace, construction, energy, transportation); environment (plants, hydrology, landscapes, acoustics); life sciences (medicine, molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology); markets and companies (finance, capital markets, business intelligence); information technology and networks (internet, multimedia, knowledge management).

Highlights of the Year


Signature of the Research Chair between MICS and Randstad in Artificial Intelligence for the Optimization of Recruitment.

Frédéric Magoules received the IBM Champion Prize 2018, for his research work in High Performance Computing. 

Robert Beyer received the “Prix de thèse 2018 de l’Université Franco-Allemande” (best joint PhD between France and Germany for his thesis: “Spatial Leaf Density-based Modelling of Teleonomic Crown Dynamics of Crops and Trees”.

Academic partners


 Institut Gustave Roussy, CEA, INRA, INRIA, INSERM, AgroParisTech

Cambridge, Oxford, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, TU München, Sapienza University of Rome, Polytechnic University of Turin, RUDN University, Bar Ilan

University of Tokyo, Doshisha University (Japan), Beihang University, (China), Providence University (Taiwan)

University of Washington, University of Michigan, Temple University, Berkeley Lab (USA)

University of Connecticut and Bielefeld University

Industrial partners